Our mission is to ensure that everything works just the way you do.

We reduce complexity by anticipating and meeting evolving client needs. APL achieves the highest standard of service for your needs.

The Key to Building and Retaining a Network of Agents

Commissions are a critical element in an endeavor to build and retain a network of agents. Each carrier, broker, and stakeholder has their own distinct framework for managing commissions. With multiple stakeholders having different requirements, managing commissions can become a very intricate and complex process. APL is committed to streamlining this entire process and saving you time, money, and effort.

A Word from our President

“When I started this business 25 years ago, my vision and mission was to create an elegant platform that would simplify the entire process for managing commission accounting. I have built many relationships over the years and wanted to create a better solution to enable friends and clients to build their business through a more accurate and on-time commission payment process that would empower carriers and brokers.”

Jay Su