eAgentCenter is a powerful stand-alone tool for you, your agents, and every level of manager in your agency. Additionally, whether you choose the full service or stand-alone version of APL, eAgentCenter is a useful and convenient supplement to your commission process.

For Agents

This web-accessible system provides agents with common and useful information they previously had to visit an office to obtain. From a single location they can view their statements, both recent and past, as well as see the status of charged back and lapsed policies. eAgentCenter allows agents to update and maintain anything from basic contact information to essential tax forms.

For Managers

eAgentCenter provides additional access to policy and client information, relieving your administrative office workload. Managers who are also agents enjoy additional benefits such as the ability to update and view their own information as well as management over the entire hierarchy.

For Administrators

Within eAgentCenter, everyone can quickly and easily view, sort, or search for an appointment or license record and assess its details. As an administrator, your office has greater efficiency. eAgentCenter allows you to share To-Do items and important documents with your agents, as well as adjust agent hierarchy and contract levels, all from one easily-accessible location.