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From $428 Per Month

Custom programming also available - see below for details

Full Service Fee Schedule

In addition to licensing the APL software to end users, APL also offers a complete commission accounting service through our Business Services department. If your agency does not have the necessary data processing staff, you may want to consider our most affordable one-fee, turnkey service. No job is too big or too small.

eAgentCenter Fee Structure:

Monthly Maintenance Fees: $150.00 eAgentCenter
$0.25 per active/vested agent (1-1,000 Agents)
$0.15 per active/vested agent (1,000-2,000 Agents)
$0.10 per active/vested agent (2,001+ Agents)
$0.05 per inactive agent
$25.00 per carrier database
Processing Fees: New Business/Advanced Commissions
$1.50 per policy (imported, 1-100 Policies)
$1.00 per policy (imported, 101-1,000 Policies)
$0.75 per policy (imported, 1,001+ Policies)
$3.00 per policy (manually entered, depends on source)
Monthly Premium Transactions
$0.25 per transaction (imported, 1-2,500 Transactions)
$0.125 per transaction (imported, 2,501-5,000 Transactions)
$0.05 per transaction (imported, 5,001+ Transactions)
$0.50 per transaction (manually entered)
$0.50 per policy
Minimum Fee
$20.00 per new business/renewal commission cycle
Year-End Form 1099
$3.00 per form (e-File to IRS included)
Other Optional Services: $1,250 one-time fee for direct deposit programming
$250 one-time per data feed import programming

Summary of Services

The APL staff fulfills all work necessary to complete the following:

  1. Processing commission payroll.
  2. Managing debit balance, chargebacks, and escrows.
  3. Providing online statements for active/vested agents at

Program Customization

Contact APL Support Team for details on program customizations.

Full Service Agreement