APL Commission System

Managing an in-house commission department can be stressful. Support the work of your entire team by licensing the APL Commission System. Our platform is cloud-based, so your staff can access it anywhere, anytime via the website at www.accounting.net. APL’s license-based commission system means that our services are maximized for your benefit.

We offer a 60-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee, and do not require a long-term contract.

Maintain Total Control of Your Entire Commission Process

It is important to note that APL does not replace your current staff. You will still need at least one full-time staff member who has a thorough understanding of your hierarchy and rate schedules and can calculate and pay commissions. Your in-house department is still responsible for the commission process, and will have the knowledge and power to make the decisions that work best for your business. With APL’s system, you gain the reinforcement from our timely and responsive Support staff. This solution will help maintain total control of your entire commission process.

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Receive Statements Online

Your agents receive their commission statements via the complimentary agent statement web site.

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Comprehensive Features. Unlimited Flexibility.

With APL, the tedious chores of managing your sales organization, clients, and commissions are streamlined for greater efficiency and profitability.

  • Provides easy, unlimited, and flexible agent hierarchies with optional license and appointment tracking
  • Quickly and easily calculates advanced and earned commissions
  • Tracks debit balance, escrow, and Form 1099 balances
  • Handles chargebacks, reversals, and premiums adjustments effectively
  • Calculates and applies regular charges including leads and E&O
  • Manages complete agency and client data with unlimited service call history
  • Supplies billings modules that are ACH, Credit Card, and List Bill enabled